シーマンはまた人面魚なのか? という質問にたいする答えであるが、答えはNOである。「じゃ何なのよ?」となるわけで、その新しい雄姿は、明日から開催される「麻布十番祭り」で配布される、「十番商店街公式団扇(うちわ)」上で先行公開される。





Nobori Noren




Dear friends.

Lately this site gets comments posted from outside of the country.

I sincerely apologize that this site has been created  Mono-lingually, only because of my literal difficulties, and therefore could not reply well to all the questions i should have answered  (please understand this is completely a private site, thoguh)

However, yes, i have some important news today for guys like you who had been passionately looking for any kind of the news related "long-time-taking Seaman2 Project ",  and that's why I am struggling for bilingual updates.

As all the development procceses closed , testing by SCE all passed, and crazy parties are going thru, we had started the final countdown of lauchning "Seaman2" in Japan. Finally the length of the development counts up to 3.6 years...

As it's subtitled as " Ancient Peking Man Breeding Kit", most of you migh have understood that new seaman is now "a man", which is completely wrong.  Details should be introdeuced on either of this site, or on some others soon.

Actually, in this simulation-game, all the breeding would be held on the  "Sinking Island", where the temperture (as well as the sea surface) raises higher & higher along with that the  environment of the island would  be damaged by breeder.  In other words, this is the simulation of the civilization against nature within VIVARIUM.  The contradiction between "Man" and "Before Man" on a planet.

To  a question like " Is the Seaman a talking fish, again?" , we would say "Not at all".  Then you might want to ask "then what?".
Well... please look for a metamorphorsised "new seaman" tomorrow / Paciffic time , at the local summer fest in our neighborhood, in Tokyo...... We are spomsoring this event  and introducing our new character somewhere in this huge fest. He, this time, looks stranger ("wiered" you'd say?), but  is much smarter in speech recognitions and generating-conversation things, i believe.

Visirots at "Azabu-Juban Summer Fest" are said counting up around 500,000, this year on this weekend, which is much larger than Tokyo Game Show. And fortunately, most of them are no-kids....  We like this much better.  Seaman2 is not at all for kids because he has its stronger poison this time.